Installation solar panels


Solar power is free and in abundantly available。 Once the solar power pack is installed, power is available free for life time, with near-zero level maintenance and negligible replacement cost。

Solar Power pack significantly reduces the dependence on Grid power. Considering the power quality and unavailability of power supply in many cases, this becomes a much effective solution.


This helps to reduce the burden on an already burdened Grid power system to a great extent.

We have a wide range of modules with different combinations of SPV arrays, inverters and storage batteries to aptly match the requirements of the user. The user has total control on the power system and it can be scaled up depending on the future requirements.

The solar power pack provides power with no fluctuations and interruptions as the recharging takes place even in adverse weather conditions of our region.

The solar power system is eco-friendly as it fosters a calm, serene and clean environment. It reduces emissions and other pollutions and thereby helping reduce global warming.